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Benefits of Hiring a Professional Cleaning Services

Quicker Turnover

An occupied rental property makes money. The faster you can clean your property, the more renters you can book. Third-party cleaning services quickly and efficiently clean your property. As a result, you are able to turn-around more bookings and maintain your reputation.

Professional Experience

If you paid an employee to clean your vacation rental, it could take longer. When compared to professional cleaners, the quality can differ and affect renter experiences.

Thus, hiring cleaning professionals who have experience and recommendations is the best decision.

Spend Your Time Managing

Some vacation rental owners manage their properties remotely. Cleaning the vacation rental property after every guest would be impossible.

Scheduling a third-party cleaning service allows for a smooth transition between guests. It also helps keep the vacation rental owners stay on task with managing the big picture of their property.

Additionally, some vacation rental owners do not want to clean their properties after every guest. Hiring a third-party cleaning service resolves any squeamishness for the owner.

Why You Should Hire a Third-Party Cleaning Service

Differing Opinions of “Cleanliness”

If you expect your guests to clean the vacation rental before they leave, prepare to have a variety of experiences. First, is the differing views of the word “clean.” What one person considers clean, might not match your expectation as the vacation rental owner.

Leaving the cleaning up to the last renter could affect the new guests’ experience. If you don’t inspect or clean up after a renter vacates, new guests will have to clean the rental themselves.

Areas to focus on cleaning:

  • The Kitchen: Particularly the counters, cupboards, and cookery
  • All bathroom surfaces
  • Seams of cushions in living room and bedroom, under and behind couches
  • No dust or cobwebs anywhere
  • Vacuum and mop areas of major foot traffic

Hiring a third-party cleaning service allows for constant cleanliness. So there is no discrepancy with how the rental appears for one guest or another.

Avoid Negative Reviews

One of the worst reviews to receive is that your rental property is dirty. When renters look for vacation properties, you want them to think of words like relaxing, cozy, or beautiful.

You don’t want a guest’s first experience to be that your property is dirty. No guest should have to clean their vacation rental property to feel comfortable to live in it.

Expecting Guests to Clean

This is a hot topic among vacation rental owners. Should your guests clean up after themselves during and after their stay?

The answer to this question depends on the vacation rental owner. Do you want to hire a maid to make beds, do laundry, and clean the rooms each day? Or will you hire a third-party service to clean the entire property following check out?

Are you somewhere in between? Do you leave a final “checklist” for guests to complete before they leave? Then give us a call to service your end of tenancy cleaning Bristol.…

How To Know If Your Garage Door Need To Be Replaced

If your garage door opens and closes when you want it to, you may not give much thought to its replacement. Replacing an old door can have a lot of benefits you may not be aware of, however, all of which can make a compelling reason to trade in your old door.

The 5 Top Reasons to Replace Your Garage Door

Take a good look at your garage door, and your garage itself. If any of these reasons apply to you, it may be time to invest in a new door.

Appearance and Value

How do your doors currently look? Are they in keeping with the look, color, and style of the rest of the house? Do they match your neighbor’s doors in terms of quality and age? If your doors are old, out of date, or in disrepair they could be detracting from the curb appeal of your home. Curb appeal is one of the factors that helps determine your home’s value; replacing your current garage doors with new ones can boost your curb appeal, and therefore your home’s value.

Additionally, garage doors continue to rate highly in terms of recouping costs on investment. The annual Remodeling Cost vs. Value report for 2013 found that on average homeowners recoup about 75% of their garage door cost at resale, making it one of the best investments you can make in your home.

Energy Costs

Do you use your garage as a workspace, play area, or for functions that don’t involve storage? If so, you probably heat or cool the garage to make it more comfortable. If your doors are older, they may not have the proper insulation for these purposes, meaning that you’re paying more in energy costs. Replacing your doors with fully insulated models can help keep your garage more temperate, and help to reduce your energy costs each month.

Better Storage

A lot of people use their garages for more than just a place to park their cars; they also use the space to store their belongings. Old, cracked, poorly fitting, and uninsulated garage doors could be putting the property you store there at risk.

Doors that are cracked, poorly insulated, or that don’t fit properly could be letting the elements into your garage, which could harm sensitive materials you’re storing there. Older doors are also often easier to open, which means your belongings are at risk of being stolen as well.

Safety and Access

Older garage doors may open and close, but can they keep you and your home safe as well? Newer garage doors can sense when a small child may be in the way of the door coming down, and will halt in their descent. They also may offer sophisticated security options, such as keypads that let you enter your home through the garage door, even without your car. These features can help keep you and your home safe from harm.

Insurance Benefits

Many home insurance companies offer benefits for installing a new door with safety and security features. This may include a reduction in payments each month, letting your new door help pay for itself.

Replace Your Door

Rather than waiting until your old door no longer functions, consider looking into a new door today. With the many benefits that come from a door replacement, you may find that it’s one of the best decisions you can make regarding your home’s appearance, comfort, and safety.


How to Negotiate a Real Estate Deal

How to Negotiate a Real Estate Deal

Whether you are selling or buying a property, you need to aim towards negotiating the best deal possible. As a first time buyer, you might not know whether you are making the best deal. Since buying a property is a give and take process, negotiations will always take place until both parties agree that a good deal has been made. Here is how to negotiate a real estate deal.

Research the property

Whether it’s a commercial or residential deal, you need to research the property so that you can know as much as possible about it. Find out about some of the basics such as the age, layout, and square per footage. By doing this, you will know what you are talking about when you start negotiating. It’s also very important to learn about the neighborhood.

Take a step back

One of the first things to do is to start looking at the transaction without any emotion. When you look at the transaction as third-party, you can negotiate well and make a much stronger decision. However, doing this does not mean that one party takes advantage of the other.

Let the other part speaks first

By allowing the other party to speak first, you will be able to define the midpoint. Remember, it’s human nature to not give more than you are receiving. This means people will always decrease or increase their offers by almost the same amount as the other party. If the other party asks for $2000, you may offer to give $1000 so that you can arrive at the $1500.

Make a fair offer

When it comes to real estate Maadi Egypt, there may be some back and forth during the negotiation process but it’s very important to go to the negotiation table with a well-conducted research so that you don’t waste time playing with the seller’s mind. You need to settle on the price that’s comfortable for both of you. However, do not offer to pay what you cannot afford.

Formalize the agreement and close the deal

While closing the deal, you need to ensure that all offers and counter-offers are put in writing. Once you have received a mutual agreement, you both need to formalize it by signing the documents. Your documents should include details such as sales price, allocation of closing costs, any credits for repairs and expected closing date. If you don’t have a real estate agent then hire a lawyer to help you close the deal.

Final words

Well, those are some of the most important negotiating tips that you can use when negotiating a real estate deal. Always remember to have a budget, allow the other party to make an offer and do not be carried away by emotions. By doing this, you will end up with the best deal.…

What You Need To Know About Garage Doors Safety

Garages are a convenient space for any home. You can use them to store your car or excess belongings, or as a space to work on hobbies and projects. Most garages in homes today are automatic. With just a push of a button they close or open without any trouble. However, it’s important to keep safety in mind when operating a garage door. If not properly maintained and tested regularly, many features of an automatic garage door could be hindered which creates an unsafe environment. In order to make sure you and your family are safe around your automatic garage there it’s important to follow these tips.

Firstly, make sure your garage door has an automatic reverse features. Garages with this feature will automatically reverse if something or someone obstructs its path. In 1993, it became federal law for all automatic garage doors to incorporate this safety feature. If your garage is older than this then it is highly recommended that you install a new one.


After you have confirmed that your garage door has a reversing feature it’s time to test it. Place a cardboard box, a plank of wood, a bucket, or some other sturdy object on the floor in the way of the garage door. Close the garage. If the garage door hits the object, but doesn’t reverse, then it’s time to have it inspected by a trained specialist like those that can be found at Aladdin Garage Doors of Houston.


To make sure children don’t play with the garage door, keep any wall-mounted garage door control at least five feet above the ground. As well, make sure that the garage door remote is kept out of reach of children. It’s best to use a keychain remote for this purpose. If your garage door is split into panels that can pinch, it’s a good idea to talk to your children about keeping their fingers clear of the door while it is opening or closing.


Also keep in mind security. Don’t leave your garage door open halfway, and don’t leave your garage door opener in the car. Instead, keep it with you using a keychain remote. While you’re on vacation, use a console security switch to make the remote unusable. Most modern garage doors come with this feature, and it ensures that no one is able to open your garage door while you are away.

Like all household utilities, proper maintenance of your garage door will ensure that it’s working properly. Not only that, but it will be easier to tell when it needs to be serviced by a professional. Make sure you inspect springs, cables, and pulleys for any wear or rust (but do not touch them), and also test the reversing mechanism using the process above at least once a month.


Automatic garage doors are useful and convenient, but without the proper safety precautions and regular maintenance they can also be dangerous. Like all tools, proper use will ensure that you and your family stays safe. As well, it will ensure that your garage will last to serve you for many years to come.…

New Cairo Is The Best Place To Rent Your New Office

With the growing economy of Egypt and the strong adherent to the fundamentals of availing abundant talent, low costs and a desirable geographical location, Egypt is establishing itself as global competitor in the business world.

The luxurious office for rent in New Cairo are ideal for establishing small businesses with affordable rent and ample services being provided in the surrounding areas for the ideal business centre. Setting up a business venture can be a laborious process especially in a new environment where one is unfamiliar with the layout and facilities available.

However, the rentals in Cairo help companies focus on their core business structure instead of worrying about the office related infrastructure. They provide all the necessary furnishings that not only send the right message but also provide room for a company to grow and prosper.

Here are five reasons to understand why New Cairo is the best place to rent your office location:

World Class Infrastructure:

Office Space Rentals provide attractive, furnished spaces that can be co-shared if necessary. They can be customised as per the requirements by configuring the entire layout of the workspace, selecting the furniture styles and customizing the workspace with branding options. It also provides a world class IT and telecom infrastructure without having to deal with management or ownership.

A company becomes very flexible in meeting the requirements of its clients and offers free relocation if the space is not found suitable to the client’s needs. The modern, ergonomic setting, professional business environment and convenient location to handle business makes the offices here some of the very best to rent and work with.


Ideal Location:

The geographical location and culture are ideal to the establishment of a firm foundation for industry commitment and experience. New Cairo is located as the centre of a dynamic and fast evolving location. A number of leading multinational companies have chosen New Cairo as their preferred location for development.

It has the potential for multinational vendors in almost every field, to local system integrators to Egyptian partners. The central location of New Cairo which bridges Europe, Africa and Asia makes it the ideal base for partners from around the world looking to do business here.


Abundant Talent :

The Labour law has been designed to increase the involvement of the private sector in the economy of the country. New Cairo also has by far the highest pool of quality talent in the region. The graduates are well versed in fields of IT, commerce, science and technology and engineering.

This is further enhanced by the provision of ongoing investment programs for educational development in the universities.


More Opportunities:

New Cairo offers a number of business opportunities, protection and attractive incentives for companies settling in Egypt. The entire framework has been modified to make the system more modern, liberalized and business friendly.

Under the guidelines of the new framework by the government for foreign companies, it provides 100 percent foreign ownership and foreign representation in its board of directors, protection against double taxation, compulsory pricing and expropriation, and full rights of profit and dividend repatriation in any currency. The reduction in the corporate taxes, income and custom duties, puts the prospect of setting up an office in a positive light.

Minimum Start-up costs :

Setting up a company takes two simple steps and requires the minimum cost to get it running. Once the pre registration and registration process is completed, which gets the company approved in a few days.

Since the demand for companies in the field of IT, healthcare, education, finance and retail has grown, the government provides a lot of logical and financial incentives for the successful operations of these companies to grow and expand.…

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