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What You Need To Know About Garage Doors Safety

Garages are a convenient space for any home. You can use them to store your car or excess belongings, or as a space to work on hobbies and projects. Most garages in homes today are automatic. With just a push of a button they close or open without any trouble. However, it’s important to keep safety in mind when operating a garage door. If not properly maintained and tested regularly, many features of an automatic garage door could be hindered which creates an unsafe environment. In order to make sure you and your family are safe around your automatic garage there it’s important to follow these tips.

Firstly, make sure your garage door has an automatic reverse features. Garages with this feature will automatically reverse if something or someone obstructs its path. In 1993, it became federal law for all automatic garage doors to incorporate this safety feature. If your garage is older than this then it is highly recommended that you install a new one.


After you have confirmed that your garage door has a reversing feature it’s time to test it. Place a cardboard box, a plank of wood, a bucket, or some other sturdy object on the floor in the way of the garage door. Close the garage. If the garage door hits the object, but doesn’t reverse, then it’s time to have it inspected by a trained specialist like those that can be found at Aladdin Garage Doors of Houston.


To make sure children don’t play with the garage door, keep any wall-mounted garage door control at least five feet above the ground. As well, make sure that the garage door remote is kept out of reach of children. It’s best to use a keychain remote for this purpose. If your garage door is split into panels that can pinch, it’s a good idea to talk to your children about keeping their fingers clear of the door while it is opening or closing.


Also keep in mind security. Don’t leave your garage door open halfway, and don’t leave your garage door opener in the car. Instead, keep it with you using a keychain remote. While you’re on vacation, use a console security switch to make the remote unusable. Most modern garage doors come with this feature, and it ensures that no one is able to open your garage door while you are away.

Like all household utilities, proper maintenance of your garage door will ensure that it’s working properly. Not only that, but it will be easier to tell when it needs to be serviced by a professional. Make sure you inspect springs, cables, and pulleys for any wear or rust (but do not touch them), and also test the reversing mechanism using the process above at least once a month.


Automatic garage doors are useful and convenient, but without the proper safety precautions and regular maintenance they can also be dangerous. Like all tools, proper use will ensure that you and your family stays safe. As well, it will ensure that your garage will last to serve you for many years to come.…

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