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Benefits of Hiring a Professional Cleaning Services

Quicker Turnover

An occupied rental property makes money. The faster you can clean your property, the more renters you can book. Third-party cleaning services quickly and efficiently clean your property. As a result, you are able to turn-around more bookings and maintain your reputation.

Professional Experience

If you paid an employee to clean your vacation rental, it could take longer. When compared to professional cleaners, the quality can differ and affect renter experiences.

Thus, hiring cleaning professionals who have experience and recommendations is the best decision.

Spend Your Time Managing

Some vacation rental owners manage their properties remotely. Cleaning the vacation rental property after every guest would be impossible.

Scheduling a third-party cleaning service allows for a smooth transition between guests. It also helps keep the vacation rental owners stay on task with managing the big picture of their property.

Additionally, some vacation rental owners do not want to clean their properties after every guest. Hiring a third-party cleaning service resolves any squeamishness for the owner.

Why You Should Hire a Third-Party Cleaning Service

Differing Opinions of “Cleanliness”

If you expect your guests to clean the vacation rental before they leave, prepare to have a variety of experiences. First, is the differing views of the word “clean.” What one person considers clean, might not match your expectation as the vacation rental owner.

Leaving the cleaning up to the last renter could affect the new guests’ experience. If you don’t inspect or clean up after a renter vacates, new guests will have to clean the rental themselves.

Areas to focus on cleaning:

  • The Kitchen: Particularly the counters, cupboards, and cookery
  • All bathroom surfaces
  • Seams of cushions in living room and bedroom, under and behind couches
  • No dust or cobwebs anywhere
  • Vacuum and mop areas of major foot traffic

Hiring a third-party cleaning service allows for constant cleanliness. So there is no discrepancy with how the rental appears for one guest or another.

Avoid Negative Reviews

One of the worst reviews to receive is that your rental property is dirty. When renters look for vacation properties, you want them to think of words like relaxing, cozy, or beautiful.

You don’t want a guest’s first experience to be that your property is dirty. No guest should have to clean their vacation rental property to feel comfortable to live in it.

Expecting Guests to Clean

This is a hot topic among vacation rental owners. Should your guests clean up after themselves during and after their stay?

The answer to this question depends on the vacation rental owner. Do you want to hire a maid to make beds, do laundry, and clean the rooms each day? Or will you hire a third-party service to clean the entire property following check out?

Are you somewhere in between? Do you leave a final “checklist” for guests to complete before they leave? Then give us a call to service your end of tenancy cleaning Bristol.

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