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New Cairo Is The Best Place To Rent Your New Office

With the growing economy of Egypt and the strong adherent to the fundamentals of availing abundant talent, low costs and a desirable geographical location, Egypt is establishing itself as global competitor in the business world.

The luxurious office for rent in New Cairo are ideal for establishing small businesses with affordable rent and ample services being provided in the surrounding areas for the ideal business centre. Setting up a business venture can be a laborious process especially in a new environment where one is unfamiliar with the layout and facilities available.

However, the rentals in Cairo help companies focus on their core business structure instead of worrying about the office related infrastructure. They provide all the necessary furnishings that not only send the right message but also provide room for a company to grow and prosper.

Here are five reasons to understand why New Cairo is the best place to rent your office location:

World Class Infrastructure:

Office Space Rentals provide attractive, furnished spaces that can be co-shared if necessary. They can be customised as per the requirements by configuring the entire layout of the workspace, selecting the furniture styles and customizing the workspace with branding options. It also provides a world class IT and telecom infrastructure without having to deal with management or ownership.

A company becomes very flexible in meeting the requirements of its clients and offers free relocation if the space is not found suitable to the client’s needs. The modern, ergonomic setting, professional business environment and convenient location to handle business makes the offices here some of the very best to rent and work with.


Ideal Location:

The geographical location and culture are ideal to the establishment of a firm foundation for industry commitment and experience. New Cairo is located as the centre of a dynamic and fast evolving location. A number of leading multinational companies have chosen New Cairo as their preferred location for development.

It has the potential for multinational vendors in almost every field, to local system integrators to Egyptian partners. The central location of New Cairo which bridges Europe, Africa and Asia makes it the ideal base for partners from around the world looking to do business here.


Abundant Talent :

The Labour law has been designed to increase the involvement of the private sector in the economy of the country. New Cairo also has by far the highest pool of quality talent in the region. The graduates are well versed in fields of IT, commerce, science and technology and engineering.

This is further enhanced by the provision of ongoing investment programs for educational development in the universities.


More Opportunities:

New Cairo offers a number of business opportunities, protection and attractive incentives for companies settling in Egypt. The entire framework has been modified to make the system more modern, liberalized and business friendly.

Under the guidelines of the new framework by the government for foreign companies, it provides 100 percent foreign ownership and foreign representation in its board of directors, protection against double taxation, compulsory pricing and expropriation, and full rights of profit and dividend repatriation in any currency. The reduction in the corporate taxes, income and custom duties, puts the prospect of setting up an office in a positive light.

Minimum Start-up costs :

Setting up a company takes two simple steps and requires the minimum cost to get it running. Once the pre registration and registration process is completed, which gets the company approved in a few days.

Since the demand for companies in the field of IT, healthcare, education, finance and retail has grown, the government provides a lot of logical and financial incentives for the successful operations of these companies to grow and expand.…

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